The firm has a strong belief in exploring each architectural brief to arrive at a design solution that solves the problems and day to day operation of the building type, with particularly emphasis placed on the plan, whilst respecting both budget considerations and the aesthetic criteria of the client. We do not start with preconceived ideas on the appearance of a building but search for contextual references that may influence the design, a design which harbours a sense of belonging to its immediate setting. Many of our designs are a refinement of functionality and form resulting in a clear coherent simple statement, avoiding design trends.

Extensive research of building types is carried out after listening to the client’s requirements. This has enabled the firm to carry out a wide variety of projects. Analysis of context and function is combined with a thorough understanding of construction to result in a form that responds to both brief and budget alike. We pay particular attention in our detailing and our selection of materials to ensure that future maintenance of the building is kept to a minimum.

The interiors of our projects are an extension of our design philosophy for that project and together with the external landscaping treatment create a cohesive statement that explores and frames the potential of the site.

The firm is committed to producing a building that acknowledges and is respectful to the environment in which it is located as well as adapting strategies – design, orientation and material selection – that are environmentally sustainable.